With offices in Germany, our team can help you choose the correct Trade Shows or Events for the E.U. Market. If you need help with Trade Show Logistics, we can help have everything ready when you arrive...( Booth, Staff, Hotel, On-Site Signage etc..)

Locating and managing your expo space for events and trade shows takes many hours of work and research. We have put together a large amount of information for you to plan your EXPOS and BOOTH SPACE for the year. This One-Stop-Shopping location for planning your event season will help save TIME, RESOURCES and MONEY. Our contacts around the "Sports Industry" can also aid your staff in Booth Space Production, Signage, Staffing and Travel...just ask us how we may help and we can either help you personally or point you in the right direction.


Colorado has become the #1 sports location in the USA. Many companies understand, "if it works in Colorado, it will work elsewhere..." we have over 50 events in Colorado for your firm to get involved with.

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Cycling has finally see a resurgence over the past few years with the new technology, e-bikes, and large number of events, gran fondos, charity rides and mountain bike events. Tap into this group of high income, large spending demographic of athletes.

Trade Shows are an important part of a clients schedule of events, sales and marketing. We have put together the most important Trade Shows to have on your radar to attend. If you need help with any logistics or contacts, let us know. We would like to connect you to the correct group.

If Festivals are more of a focus of your Grass-Root Marketing efforts, we have a smaller list of events that could fit your needs. Many stil have a "Sport" or "Health" focus, but you may find a new important niche for your product or service.

Our firm works with over 15 national series, race directors and event management firms to help you make a national presence. If you need events in a specific region, ask your sales person here and we can put a list together for you....cities, demographics, months?